Hello everyone

thanks for stumbling over my Blog Places behind Things

I started it two years ago (2013) as part of a University seminar. However as soon as it was over I realised that as a full-time student and bartender I just didn’t have the time and energy to continue it. Also back then I had a different theme… and was also blogging in a different language… (just in case you saw my oldest posts were wondering). However now as I finished my Master and also ended my  Bar career I finally have time to do something more…


So what is this about?

I’m not too much into material things… I don’t need a big flat or nice car but what I do need and where I spend most of my money in the past years is travelling and seeing new places… Since I wanted to keep in touch with friends at home we started a little tradition called “Places behind Drinks”… The concept was easy… Take a picture of your drink with the background and send it to your friends saying where this is…

The idea of “Places behind Things” was born.

handybilder 614

The Place is in the background… A certain thing in the front… This can be food, a drink, a building, a beach…… and many other things I’m hoping to come up with… If you like what you see… you can find out where it is in my posts and how you can get there…


Staying positive 

This is mainly for my reviews of Restaurants and Bars in different city’s… Those are all based on my personal experience and taste but keep in mind that every taste is different and maybe what I thought was fantastic isn’t going to be that nice for someone else… I always think it’s so difficult to find a good Bar and Restaurant in a Place I don’t know and I feel sometimes overwhelmed by the choices on Tripadvisor… So I’m writing about a few Things I know and I hope you’ll like them too…

What is very important to me is staying positive… I sure have visited many Restaurants and Bars that I didn’t like and had bad experiences in. However here I strictly only review places I loved and would visit again… As I already said opinions are different so I don’t want to give a bad review about a Place that maybe somebody else would love…

If I can inspire someone, somewhere in the world to visit one of the things I’m writing about, my goal is complete…

handybilder 290


All the pictures in this blog have been taken by me, or a beloved person that was happening to travel with me at that time. I really don’t mind if you repost or use them (since I’m not and never going to be a professional Photographer). But it would be nice if you include the link to my side if you do and send me a quick mail, or comment about it. Thanks 🙂

Do you have any other questions? Or did I write about a place you’re going to visit and you want more tips? Feel free to message me: Tonia131989@hotmail.com


3 Responses to About

  1. What did you study at university? And I love the concept of your blog, so original! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more.

  2. johnwreford says:

    Thanks for dropping by and following my blog 🙂

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